The New Wave begins – Live Pictures from the Venue

Welcome to the IBM Software Universe 2011 being captured live from Hotel Renaissance, Mumbai

Please find below a few pictures that were captured at the venue as the event unfolds

Pic 1 – The Information Desk at the entrance


Below Pictures: The Solution Desks/ Booths set up



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IBM and the Elixir of Life

Picture this: A hospital which already has your entire medical history when you’re rushing into the emergency room with a heart attack. They know you’ve been prone to high blood pressure but your cholesterol remains stable, your maternal grandmother has had a heart problem while your paternal grandfather had a problem of chronic depression. And that last year you donated blood twice, and you have an appendix-removal operation planned in two months. All this before you utter a word to them. How, you ask. Analytics, we say.

IBM has conducted research to develop new patient-centric models of care, connecting health information and enabling deep analytics of medical data that will help the seemingly distant dream come true. IBM’s health analytics research efforts have been to standardize and share electronic health records of individuals to provide your doctor the means of increasing accuracy and arriving to the best diagnosis. This is done by speeding correct, complete and detailed health records of every patient that comes in, as soon as he comes in, enabling better collaboration and better service.

With an objective of providing new insight into the treatment of disease, seamlessly connecting patient records can also speed discovery of new drugs and therapies by assimilating patient records in one place. It empowers healthcare providers with better information to patient safety and save lives with minimum time delays caused due to lack of complete and relevant information.

IBM has developed information sharing systems, called Electronic Health Record (EHR), that focus on the patients and the quality of the healthcare they receive, thus minimizing the scope for medical errors. With all the patient information stored in the database already, patients need not explain their medical histories to their new doctors. This ensures a faster diagnosis while significantly ensuring minimum room for error.

To the entire healthcare system this means that hospital staff will not waste time preparing patients’ charts and recording medical histories, in turn reducing the length of an average patient visit.

IBM is looking to moving beyond just information storage by aiming at intelligence. The EHR will organize information and integrate real time clinical data as the patients’ medical treatment progresses. With such leaps in technology and healthcare, EHR will revolutionalize healthcare practices in the world.

Each doctor’s performance will be monitored and graded according to the quality of the overall healthcare he provides, sometimes up to months later. The focus, though, is on the outcome of health of the patient rather than their individual piece of the action. It is a radical approach to medicine that’s making this system an example for medical reform. It aims at standardizing medical procedures and developing a team approach and emphasizing preventive and follow-up care. Checklists to ensure there are no mistakes- from ensuring that the correct patient is at the operating table to a warranty for treating all the medical problems, complications et al.

The challenge is in the execution of the ERS- to get doctors, physicians, nurses and specialists coordinating their care together and changing the way they practice medicine. That said ERS is a step in the right direction towards providing a solution that integrates all the aspects of healthcare- clinical to financial, operational to genomic- to help you live longer and healthier!


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What to expect at Software Universe 2011

Here comes The Next Big Wave in software. Welcome to IBM Software Universe 2011, India’s most awaited annual software conclave. Over the next two days at The Renaissance Convention Center, Mumbai, discover how software is inspiring new thinking and ideas that might be applied to your business goals. Join us as we dive into the next generation of smarter software with cutting-edge solution tracks and insightful sessions.

Software Universe 2011 gives you a chance to attend a gripping keynote on ‘The Different Champion: Being the Next Big Wave’ by World Tennis Legend, Martina Navratilova, and an insightful address on ‘Harnessing the Next Big Wave of Technology’ by John Dunderdale, VP Growth Markets, IBM Corporation.

Head to the Solutions Kiosk to experience live, hands-on, solution-specific demos and real-world case studies of Services– designed around your business and technical requirements; Education– More than 1200 classrooms, private instruction and instructor-led online courses; Support Programs that feature personalized support, priority issue resolution, and proactive guidance.

Participants have the opportunity to meet and network with Software and industry experts from around the world, discuss the latest IT trends in the Indian context and learn about the latest, cutting-edge IBM technologies and how they can help one’s business.

Walk through phenomenal innovations that researchers are working on today that will shape the next 100 years and beyond. The seven solution tracks of the conference are:

  • Information & Analytics
  • Integration & Business Process Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Collaboration
  • Software & Product Innovation
  • Security& Risk
  • Smarter Commerce

Attend the track sessions by senior IBM employees to discover how smarter software is not only making things more convenient and accessible, but changing our lives and even our thinking styles. And finally, partake in an enthralling Bollywood Night performance by celebrated playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan to end the eventful conference on a high note!

For more details, visit:

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IBM Cognos Mobile and iPad

With the recent release of IBM Cognos 10.1.1, IBM Cognos now supports Apple iPad as well. Cognos Mobile users can now access and interact with all of the rich reports and dashboards that they need to make the smartest and quickest business decisions, all on Apple iPad.

With this new feature, users can instantly access Cognos Business Intelligence on Apple iPads with either a native application that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or a web application (no installation necessary) – or on iPhone using a web application. Users can easily uncover meaningful insights using the same intuitive Apple multi-touch techniques used for everything so the end useers have virtually no learning curve. If users have Cognos Mobile on their iPads, they can even access content when they are disconnected.

The information/content is safe and protected with a combination of Apple and Cognos Business Intelligence security.

If you are keen on seeing industry leading solutions with Cognos Mobile, attend the BI on the Go session in IBM Software Universe 2011.

Here are the details of the session:

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Cloud Computing and the Energy Crisis

From laptops to music players, cars to rockets, dishwashers to refrigerators, and mobile phones to light bulbs, modern day lifestyles depend greatly on energy sources. Research has shown that people in developed countries like the U.S., U.K. and Japan leave a carbon footprint of 19.78, 9.66 and 9.78 tonnes respectively. That essentially means that these countries leave an annual carbon footprint of approximately 585 to 5902 metric tonnes (as of 2006) of energy per year. Now consider the carbon emissions of all the countries put together. Get the picture? At this rate, it is predicted that the conventional sources of energy i.e. energy generated from solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity, micro hydro, biomass and bio fuels, will run out by the time we realize we ought to seriously conserve them.

A large chunk of energy consumption comes in face of “doing business”. Conglomerates over the globe use billions of metric tonnes of energy per year, most of which is attributed to data maintenance and transmission. In comes cloud computing to save the day.

What cloud computing essentially does is it places huge chunks of data on an external, shared data center that can be accessed from anywhere on the globe- with an internet connection, of course. Each user plugs into the data center that houses all the data in one place and uses it as a utility without having to save all the information physically on his hardware.  This means that applications, software and the entire data set of an organization can be stored and maintained in, and accessed from, one obscure location somewhere in space called a Cloud.

Carbon Disclosure Project, a non-profit making organization with the largest inventory of corporate greenhouse gas emission data, has released a report on cloud computing. The report reveals that businesses can reduce carbon emissions, save energy costs, decrease their capital expenditure on IT resources while improving operational efficiency by using Cloud computing. In the next ten years, much of the work done today in internal data centers will be outsourced to the cloud by 2020 U.S. companies are expected to raise 10% of their IT budget allocated to cloud computing today to 70% by 2020. In the process, they will be reducing carbon emissions by almost 85.7 million metric tons per year in the next decade. This translates to savings of 200 million barrels of oil per year which is sufficient to power 5.7 million cars.

The analysts at Pike Research came out with a report that concludes that the adoption of cloud computing will lead to a 38 percent reduction in worldwide data center energy use by 2020, as compared to the data center energy consumption without cloud computing. Total data center energy expenditures of the world will come down from $23.3 billion in 2010 to $16.0 billion in 2020.

In a supplemented study conducted by Verdantix, in-depth interviews with multi-national firms that have used cloud services for at least two years, cost reductions as high as 40-50 per cent has been reported. Firms such as Aviva, Boeing, Citigroup and Juniper Networks attributed the cost savings to using cloud computing.

That said, cloud computing is not magic. It saves costs because of economies of scale, diversity and aggregation, flexibility and the ability to overcome organizational issues by side-stepping them and enabling structural change.

Clouds are, therefore, better utilized and less expensive to operate than traditional data centers. Users can just plug in and access their complete data set from geographically displaced locations without the need for businesses to hire people or acquire products and facilities to run them.  This is also great news for Internet companies and cloud computing providers. The growing energy consumption of the Internet, data centers and our “always-on” connected devices will only continue to grow, so efficiency trends will continue to become more important. For the end user, it means a data system that is more scaleable, secure and reliable.

One great opportunity for that is to tune in or be present for the SWG Universe India 2011.   You will get a chance to listen to some great speakers who will talk about how to use cloud for business model innovation.

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The Next Big wave coming your way — Are you ready !!!

The next big wave “Software Universe – 2011″ is coming your way soon. Its going to be held on 19th and 20th October 2011  at Renaissance Convention Centre Hotel, Mumbai , India.

With a powerful impact from 2010, starting from High Powered keynote speakers , live streaming across 11 cities and 5 big launches .. this year has even lot more to offer.Some of the key highlights this year are :
-Exclusive 1:1 meetings with 28+ IBM Distinguished Engineers & IBM WW Executives
-Solution EXPO walk-through that comprise showcasing next-generation technology & IBM software capabilities
–Smarter Planet demos highlighting solutions around Airports, Transportation, Healthcare, Intelligent Buildings etc. ISV booths covering solutions running on IBM technology
–Inspiring keynote sessions by IBM Executives and Client speakers
–Motivational dialogue by celebrity speaker – Martina Navratilova
–Talk show covering real life innovations, results with IBM Software in India
–7 tracks with over 30+ track sessions, with elaborate sessions around Software Capabilities
–IBM product announcements from various brands
–Target Segments: FSS, Government, E&U, Healthcare & GB.
•One-of-a-kind Solution EXPO
–Industry Experience zones with ISV and IBM solutions
–Product demos – what is new from Lotus, Tivoli, WebSphere, Rational, Information Management, Commerce & IS software brands

 The target audience is 1000+  Technology Managers from Invest/Opportunistic & White Space accounts.Thats not all. After the day long power impact sessions, we have something for people who like to groove. Yes.. we have Sunidhi Chauhan visiting for a fun filled musical evening.

We have something for Sports freaks too!.. Our celebrity speaker – Martina Navratilova.. She needs no introduction. She is a former World No. 1 woman tennis player. During the course of her career, Martina won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 167 career singles titles and 175 doubles titles, more than any other man or woman today. She was ranked #1 in the world for an astonishing 331 weeks.
Today, Martina Navratilova remains an influential advocate for many causes including women’s issues, gay rights, children’s causes, animal welfare and the environment.
The things mentioned here are just key highlights. You can imagine the knowledge,impact and influence that can be leveraged out of Software Universe – 2011.
To experience this mega event – Come be part of it !!
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The Next Big thing – Cloud enabled business model Innovation

I remember the day when one of our Executives – Nick Donofrio visited us in India. He is like the chief mentor for all the members of the IBM technical community and he has seen IBM and the IT industry for many years. He was addressing a Technical Exchange event few years ago and then someone in the audience asked him this question – “Sir , you have seen technology for so many years now – can you tell us what’s going to be the next big thing in terms of invention/innovation”. Everyone was all ears waiting for the answer – is it the next version of the internet, the search, a web2.0 application or may be an intelligent mobile app. But his answer was that he believes that there is not going to be any next big thing in technology. The next big thing for all of us is going to be Business model innovation. Even today his statements holds very true. Businesses that are able to reinvent their business model are succeeding and managing to stay on top and others vanish from the scene.

There are lots of innovative and technical things happening all around us like


  • Mobility and doing more and more using mobile devices
  • Social Media – thinning the line between work and life and business having reach to your social network
  • Hyper –connectivity
  • Big Data and its related analytics giving the business insights that were not possible few years ago.


I believe the next big thing is going to be how well you can use all these elements for business seamlessly and cost effectively. The key to succeed is to use technology to do this business model innovation and do it faster. 

How do you do it faster ?– The answer is cloud.  This is something that I’m saying based on the data that IBM has got analyzing over 2000 customers cloud adoption patterns. All of them have seen the below advantages with Cloud.


  1. Cost Flexibility
  2. Business Scalability
  3. Market Adaptability
  4. Masked Complexity
  5. Context Driven Variability
  6. Eco-system Connectivity


Considering all these factors, I think the next big thing is Cloud Enabled Business Model Innovation. I was able to relate with some of the latest announcements that we have made in the cloud easily because they are just restating my same belief.  As discussed in this interesting video by IBM’s Saul Berman (Innovation & Growth Leader), 60% of the customers that IBM interviewed is saying they would consider cloud immediately and 70% of the them intend to use cloud to enable business model innovation. Based on the rate at which they adopt the new technologies they may be an Optimizer (looking at improving existing model), Innovator (looking at new model) or a Disruptor (who is ready to bring in game changing ideas). 

So as today’s IT leaders, let us broaden our focus from merely delivering technology to solving larger business issues.  One great opportunity for that is to tune in or be present for the SWG Universe India 2011.   You will get a chance to listen to some great speakers who will talk about how to use cloud for business model innovation.

Cloud enabled Business Model Innovation I feel is the next big thing that could change IT and Businesses. – So come let’s  Rethink IT & Reinvent Business


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