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Let the customer decide

The main goal of any marketing management team is to explore what actually motivates buying behavior in a consumer. The key objective is to understand the needs and wants of customers and produce products and services accordingly thus ensuring their maximum satisfaction.

The market is a volatile place and your business is at the mercy of the most important stakeholder group of any organization, i.e., your customers.

Your customers dictate everything, from your recruitment processes that hire the most pleasant after sales people to handle their grievances to the level of investment into technological R&D that goes into making supply chain operations more effective. Organizations cannot afford to antagonize such a powerful section of people that make or break their businesses.

Customers are no longer ignorant, exploitable and naïve. They are armed with end number of information sources that constantly hound them to indulge in more informed and practical purchase/buying behavior. Besides, most economic theories and laws enacted by the government are based on the fundamental assumption that ‘the consumer/customer is a rational being’. Therefore, empowering the customer to establish a direct cause and effect relationship between supply chain operation decisions and actions is but a natural corollary.

Reduced wastages, better management of inventory, clarity in identifying demand and supply gaps and closing in on them are some of the many reasons why managers are inclined towards integrating the customer into supply chain planning and execution.

At the Next Big Wave, be a part of an interactive session- “Optimize Your Supply Chain planning and Execution”,  to learn how to optimize your supply chain putting the customer at the center of decisions and actions, and how to ensure that your supply chain operations can take full advantage of GST.

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Content Taken from: http://www.ibmsoftwareindia.com/home/let-the-customer-decide/

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