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The Next Big Step- Being a social business

Did you know?

  • Approximately 13.7 Million Indians are online every single day.
  • 20 per cent of people online stumble on to Social Networking sites without fail.
  • On an average people connected via social networking sites, spend approximately 2 hours on their social profiles.

The group on these social forums is aged between 18-30 years, which off-course   is an influential part of the Indian population. The big question is are we connected to them, can we afford to miss them?  A miss would certainly cost heavy, and why so?

In today’s unprecedented technologically advanced decade, where information, perception, opinion, views and reviews, travel on the go, is updated every minute and is discussed upon in no time, it would only be smart to say that lets connect with people where they are .

Being social can help you connect, influence, and if successful even retain your customers. You just need to know how to make use of the social networking era.

Being social can help your teams work collaboratively, avoiding downtime, surpassing geographical boundaries, making “work smarter, work faster” an absolute reality.

Join the discussion on October 20th at Software Universe 2011 at Renaissance hotel, Mumbai. Let’s take the next big step. Let’s discuss it at the Next Big Wave.

Note – This information has been taken from the IBM Software Universe Blog

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