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The Next Big ALM Wave – CLM

Waves – they are all around us! Reverberating in harmony – they produce music that’s sweet to ears and heavenly to the soul. When off tune – they become a cacophony, referred to as Noise in physics.

Software Development is very much like creating music – its creative, it’s real-time, dynamic – but above all, a team sport! If we are able to collaborate effectively across teams, across geographies – we can deliver software that’s harmonious – music to our customer’s ear.

If the different instruments of our businesses do not collaborate like those of an orchestra – it creates “noise” in our customer’s mind. Aptly named “Jazz” – the collaborative open platform from Rational is the creating the Next Big Wave in ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) – CLM (Collaborative Lifecycle Management).

CLM helps teams improve their productivity and avoid the pitfalls of working in silos which lead to broken communication, project delays, budget overruns and low quality.

Let’s make a harmonious collaborative wavelength experience for our customers and catch the Next Big Wave in ALM at IBM Software Universe 2011 – 20th of October 2011 at the Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai.

Meet you there and let’s strike the right note!

Contributing Author – Nilkanth (Neel) Iyer, Marketing Manager – IBM Rational

Connect with Neel:
– Rational User Group – http://rationalug.com/profile/NeelIyer?xg_source=profiles_memberList
– LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=1524460&trk=tyah

For more details on IBM Software Universe 2011 – Click here

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