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The Future of Service Management – Reaching Beyond the Data Center

Profitability and a dominant market share are no longer the only major drivers of business today. What drives business is its ability to generate ideas, people, processes, products and services that enhance value addition to the final consumer. Obviously any structural or operational change or its proposition towards this end is bound to have its repercussions. Resistance to change, low commitment from management and exorbitant costs in a major overhaul are a few instances that any rational manager would consider.  But what if you could take your organization to its next level of profitability by merely altering its integrated service management across the value chain? What if there was a way to ‘do different things’ rather than ‘doing the same thing differently’?

Integrated Service Management will help gain a solid competitive advantage in the market today.  One of the key components in a firm’s value chain is its technology and development. The omnipresence of IT makes automation and computerization of systems and processes inevitable. The future of service management and its effective delivery however, lie in the establishment and enabling of processes more conducive to convenience and functionality enhancement across levels seamlessly. Every primary and support activity across the entire value chain of a firm is each in itself an unexplored area for tapping the massive potential for innovation and development they hold.

An organization is nothing but a mere system of inputs, processes and outputs. The sum of parts is bigger than each part in isolation. What if you could link all individual efforts and work towards their unification and synchronization? Are you ready to cut costs efficiently? What will it take to find economical solutions to accelerate your return on investment?

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