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How Software can increase your Revenue

Today, in business, ‘balking’ is a very serious concern in customer retention as well as customer acquisition. Positioning strategies are often aimed at portraying a sense of convenience clubbed with easy-to-use applications everywhere from phones, cars, POPs etc.

The lack of appeal in software blinds any sane customer to the supposed features, advantages and benefits they have to offer. All the grandeur in publicizing the same software, only raises expectations to a very high level but falls very short of satisfying any of them and can tarnish an organization’s brand name and push damage control strategies beyond a point of no return.  Customers place heavy weight age on having a ‘good experience’ while judging their satisfaction levels during and after transacting business. It thus becomes imperative to create the best possible impression to initiate laying any foundation for repeat purchase behavior.

Banking is for instance a classic example that gives incredible insight into how banks try to outdo each other competing on ‘functionality’. Organizations cannot afford to be at mercy of circumstantial brand loyalty anymore. They need to make their distinct mark amongst all the clutter that is floated around their customers by competitors. Customer relationship management has to turn it up a notch, integrate functionality and user friendliness into its software to go beyond mere effective delivery of service to raise its revenue and market share.

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Content taken from: http://www.ibmsoftwareindia.com/home/how-software-can-increase-your-revenue/

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