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Freedom of Choice and Automation

What makes decision making difficult? Is it the motley of alternatives it manages to bring to light? Or the liability of the freedom it bestows upon the decision maker in the pervasion of free will and absolute choice? Is the discretion and caution it demands overrated? Do we blow out of proportion the impending doom awaiting the catastrophic decisions we occasionally make? Is living without a sense of consequences concerning the decisions we make even an option? Does the aspiration for ‘erase and rewind’ make you reasonable in business or just downright absurd?

Complexity of business processes is a natural outcome of the increase in scale and size of business. The advantages of economies of scale will be discernible only after a considerable and consistent rise in the magnitude and intensity of operations. This unprecedented increase will without doubt also raise the stakes in any permutations and combinations of the various decisions managers are accountable for taking.

It becomes essential to automate decisions of a routine nature so that managers have more time, energy and resources to expend the same on those decisions that have a strategic level importance. Automating decisions and building them to be highly responsive to customers and their erratic sensitivity will definitely go a long way in efficient functioning of operations as well as soaring levels of customer delight. This digression to be successful will have to be initiated, inculcated and embedded through baby steps rather than plunging the entire organization into a state of complete chaos.

Link: IBM Software Universe 2011 Website

Content taken from: http://www.ibmsoftwareindia.com/home/freedom-of-choice-and-automation/

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