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How to be a Social Genius

In today’s age of constant communication, consumer centric operations and ‘one-click-away’ connectivity, businesses are endeavouring to create open social conversations, often in real time. In an effort to make their business engaging, interactive and increasingly interesting, people with different expertise are brought together on a level platform to interact and share relevant information with the right people at the right time. Recognising the power of social interactions, we bring the ‘Social Genius Quiz’- a series of fun questions at the Collaboration Track of Software Universe 2011 on October 20.

The quiz will, primarily, be conducted on-site at the conclave where participants can collaborate with friends, colleagues, customers and partners. Also, some questions may be asked as Tweets so participants can follow IBM Software Universe on Twitter on @ibmsoftware_in.
Prizes of the quiz promise to be as exciting as the quiz itself- from Blackberry Torch 9800 to Nokia C7 and Nokia E72 phones.

This stimulating quiz is brought to you by QuizWorks, currently amongst India’s top 3 offline Quiz Design and Hosting companies, whose clientele includes Wipro, ITC, Oracle, 3M, IITs and NITs, among others. QuizWorks is associated with quiz properties like IBM TGMC Tech Quiz, Mahindra Auto Quotient and BioQuiz with the Government of Karnataka.

Participate to be a part of the Collaboration Track at Software Universe 2011. Network with peers and win prizes while you sharpen your social skills. Hit the tab below and become a ‘Social Genius’ at Software Universe 2011!

You can register for the IBM Software Universe 2011 here

Content taken from: http://www.ibmsoftwareindia.com/home/how-to-be-a-social-genius/

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