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IBM and the Elixir of Life

Picture this: A hospital which already has your entire medical history when you’re rushing into the emergency room with a heart attack. They know you’ve been prone to high blood pressure but your cholesterol remains stable, your maternal grandmother has had a heart problem while your paternal grandfather had a problem of chronic depression. And that last year you donated blood twice, and you have an appendix-removal operation planned in two months. All this before you utter a word to them. How, you ask. Analytics, we say.

IBM has conducted research to develop new patient-centric models of care, connecting health information and enabling deep analytics of medical data that will help the seemingly distant dream come true. IBM’s health analytics research efforts have been to standardize and share electronic health records of individuals to provide your doctor the means of increasing accuracy and arriving to the best diagnosis. This is done by speeding correct, complete and detailed health records of every patient that comes in, as soon as he comes in, enabling better collaboration and better service.

With an objective of providing new insight into the treatment of disease, seamlessly connecting patient records can also speed discovery of new drugs and therapies by assimilating patient records in one place. It empowers healthcare providers with better information to patient safety and save lives with minimum time delays caused due to lack of complete and relevant information.

IBM has developed information sharing systems, called Electronic Health Record (EHR), that focus on the patients and the quality of the healthcare they receive, thus minimizing the scope for medical errors. With all the patient information stored in the database already, patients need not explain their medical histories to their new doctors. This ensures a faster diagnosis while significantly ensuring minimum room for error.

To the entire healthcare system this means that hospital staff will not waste time preparing patients’ charts and recording medical histories, in turn reducing the length of an average patient visit.

IBM is looking to moving beyond just information storage by aiming at intelligence. The EHR will organize information and integrate real time clinical data as the patients’ medical treatment progresses. With such leaps in technology and healthcare, EHR will revolutionalize healthcare practices in the world.

Each doctor’s performance will be monitored and graded according to the quality of the overall healthcare he provides, sometimes up to months later. The focus, though, is on the outcome of health of the patient rather than their individual piece of the action. It is a radical approach to medicine that’s making this system an example for medical reform. It aims at standardizing medical procedures and developing a team approach and emphasizing preventive and follow-up care. Checklists to ensure there are no mistakes- from ensuring that the correct patient is at the operating table to a warranty for treating all the medical problems, complications et al.

The challenge is in the execution of the ERS- to get doctors, physicians, nurses and specialists coordinating their care together and changing the way they practice medicine. That said ERS is a step in the right direction towards providing a solution that integrates all the aspects of healthcare- clinical to financial, operational to genomic- to help you live longer and healthier!


Content taken from – http://www.ibmsoftwareindia.com/home/ibm-and-the-elixir-of-life/

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