SpotMe – Supercharged Networking at IBM Software Universe 2011

Everybody attends conferences. What separates a mediocre experience from an outstanding one is the networking and interaction between the participants – apart from the content, of course. IBM Software Universe 2011, historically, has had groundbreaking content. Now, we’ve gone an extra step forward and providing you with a unique method of interacting with your fellow attendees – through SpotMe.

SpotMe makes your networking efforts more effective and worthwhile by enabling you with a powerful tool for better communication. With SpotMe, the audience is kept on the edge of their seat can be engaged throughout the session.

Here are the exciting things you can do at “IBM Software Universe 2011

  • Exchange Business cards seamlessly, in a paperless fashion
  • View speaker and session information
  • Submit questions & answer polls
  • Networking
  • Agenda and Venue Map
  • Radar to detect the other participants near you

It’s bound to be your best networking session ever! Don’t miss out!

You can register for the IBM Software Universe 2011 here.

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Java Technology Community

The amount of memory available to the Java Heap and Native Heap for a Java process is limited by the Operating System and hardware.  A 32 bit Java process has a 4 GB process address space available shared by the Java Heap, Native Heap and the Operating System.  32 bit Java processes have a maximum possible heap size which varies according to the operating system and platform used.

64 bit processes do not have this limit and the addressability is in terabytes. It is common for many enterprise applications to have large java heaps (we have seen applications with java heap requirements of over 100 GB). 64 bit Java allows massive Java heaps (benchmark released with heaps upto 200 GB).

However the ability to use more memory is not “free”. 64 bit applications also require more memory as java Object references  and internal pointers are larger. The same Java application running on a 64 bit Java Runtime may have 70% more footprint as compared to running on a 32 bit Runtime. 64 bit applications also perform slower as more data is manipulated and cache performance is reduced. (As data is larger, processor cache is less effective).  64 bit applications can be upto 20% slower.

IBM® WebSphere® Application Server (WAS) version 7.0 (shipped with JDK 6.0) introduced the Compressed Reference (CR) technology which significantly improves the performance on 64-bit WAS deployments.

Compressed references allows a 64 bit JVM to use a pointer smaller than 64-bit wide to reference memory. It uses a pointer compression technology and optimizes memory references to be just 32-bits wide (i.e compresses all memory references from 64-bit to 32-bit). Using the Compressed References Technology, WAS instances can allocated heap sizes up to 25 GB without incurring any significant performance cost.

Compressed References can be enabled by using the option –Xcompressedrefs.


In WebSphere V7 and above for the 64 bit deployments, if WAS detects that the Xmx (maximum Java heap) requested is less than 25 GB, it enables the pointer compression by default (this can be disabled through the –Xnocompressedrefs option with the Java command line)


This is a contributory post by Rajeev. You can view the original post at this link.
You can register for the IBM Software Universe 2011 here.
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Sunidhi Chauhan @ IBM Software Universe – Food for Thought and Nourishment for the Soul

IBM Software Universe 2011 has a lot in store for you. As you know, it is not going to be “just another event”. The IBM Software Universe 2011 brings to you a food for thought and nourishment for the soul. The famous Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chauhan, famous for her melodious voice, will be performing.

For those of you who don’t know Sunidhi Chauhan , this is one show you cannot miss. Be a part of the audience and watch her perform to know why she is one of the best singers in Bollywood. Some of Sunidhi’s famous songs include “Dhoom Machale” from Dhoom ,”Kaisi Paheli” from Parineeta and of the course the very famous”Beedi Jalaile” from the movie Omkara .

So come, witness and be a part of an entertaining evening at IBM Software Universe 2011. Celebrate Bollywood night with Sunidhi Chauhan at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Powai, Mumbai, at the IBM Software Universe 2011.

You can register for the IBM Software Universe 2011 here.

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Martina Navratilova @ IBM Software Universe 2011

In today’s competitive world staying ahead of the competition is a must. We can learn a lot from champions about staying ahead and winning.  Martina Navratilova, the legendary tennis player will be there at IBM Software Universe 2011 to do just that. In her session, she will be sharing her thoughts and experiences on what it takes to be a winner and more importantly, a champion of the NEXT BIG WAVE.

Martina in her session will take us through as to how to overcome adversity, the power of innovation and to ultimately become successful – with a spin on tennis. She will also speak about the ways innovations in technology are shaping the game of tennis. Various contributions made by IBM to tournaments such as U.S open and Wimbledon and the high-level data analytics capabilities have delivered real time information to millions of fans globally will also be discussed.

Be there at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel, Powai, Mumbai for the IBM Software Universe 2011 on the 20th of October to be inspired by the legendary tennis player Martina Navratilova so that you can deliver a high performance sustainably – just like her.

You can register for the IBM Software Universe 2011 here.

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How to be a Social Genius

In today’s age of constant communication, consumer centric operations and ‘one-click-away’ connectivity, businesses are endeavouring to create open social conversations, often in real time. In an effort to make their business engaging, interactive and increasingly interesting, people with different expertise are brought together on a level platform to interact and share relevant information with the right people at the right time. Recognising the power of social interactions, we bring the ‘Social Genius Quiz’- a series of fun questions at the Collaboration Track of Software Universe 2011 on October 20.

The quiz will, primarily, be conducted on-site at the conclave where participants can collaborate with friends, colleagues, customers and partners. Also, some questions may be asked as Tweets so participants can follow IBM Software Universe on Twitter on @ibmsoftware_in.
Prizes of the quiz promise to be as exciting as the quiz itself- from Blackberry Torch 9800 to Nokia C7 and Nokia E72 phones.

This stimulating quiz is brought to you by QuizWorks, currently amongst India’s top 3 offline Quiz Design and Hosting companies, whose clientele includes Wipro, ITC, Oracle, 3M, IITs and NITs, among others. QuizWorks is associated with quiz properties like IBM TGMC Tech Quiz, Mahindra Auto Quotient and BioQuiz with the Government of Karnataka.

Participate to be a part of the Collaboration Track at Software Universe 2011. Network with peers and win prizes while you sharpen your social skills. Hit the tab below and become a ‘Social Genius’ at Software Universe 2011!

You can register for the IBM Software Universe 2011 here

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Freedom of Choice and Automation

What makes decision making difficult? Is it the motley of alternatives it manages to bring to light? Or the liability of the freedom it bestows upon the decision maker in the pervasion of free will and absolute choice? Is the discretion and caution it demands overrated? Do we blow out of proportion the impending doom awaiting the catastrophic decisions we occasionally make? Is living without a sense of consequences concerning the decisions we make even an option? Does the aspiration for ‘erase and rewind’ make you reasonable in business or just downright absurd?

Complexity of business processes is a natural outcome of the increase in scale and size of business. The advantages of economies of scale will be discernible only after a considerable and consistent rise in the magnitude and intensity of operations. This unprecedented increase will without doubt also raise the stakes in any permutations and combinations of the various decisions managers are accountable for taking.

It becomes essential to automate decisions of a routine nature so that managers have more time, energy and resources to expend the same on those decisions that have a strategic level importance. Automating decisions and building them to be highly responsive to customers and their erratic sensitivity will definitely go a long way in efficient functioning of operations as well as soaring levels of customer delight. This digression to be successful will have to be initiated, inculcated and embedded through baby steps rather than plunging the entire organization into a state of complete chaos.

Link: IBM Software Universe 2011 Website

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Pradeep Nair’s invite for IBM Software Universe 2011

IBM’s Pradeep Nair invites you to IBM Software Universe 2011. India’s most awaited annual software conclave is here! And it brings you the NEXT BIG WAVE in software. Come, discover how smarter software is not only making things more convenient and accessible — but changing our lives and even our thinking styles! From the optimisation of traffic systems and electric grids, to the delivery of better education, transport and healthcare, to reducing costs with cloud, and making gadgets connect and communicate, software is inspiring new thinking and ideas that might be applied to your business goals. Join us as we dive into the next generation of smarter software with cutting-edge solution tracks and gripping keynotes by world-renowned experts such as John Dunderdale, VP Growth Markets, IBM Corporation and World Tennis Legend and Celebrity Speaker, Martina Navratilova.


To watch the video – Click Here

Link – IBM Software Universe 2011

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